Plant Your Ass Down and Listen to Root’s New Track “Moment of Fright”


Root have been around for almost three decades. I’ve never heard of them before, but that’s one of the things I love about metal. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that shelters so much disparate material that it’s impossible to listen to absolutely everything. I’m sure elitists will poo-poo me for not listening to Root sooner, but I love the fact that I can discover a new band and immediately have access to an entire library of awesome music I’ve never heard before. It really makes my day.

Root’s new track, “Moment of Fright,” is short but sweet, clocking in at a little over three minutes. Longer songs are usually the trend with anything blackened or doomy, so I was kind of surprised when it came to an end so abruptly. But it served as a brilliant introduction to a band that I had no prior experience with. Their blend of clean, opera-esque vocals and guttural growls makes for a nice dichotomy that caught me totally off guard. The riffs are simplistic but effective, reaching their peak around the 1:30 mark as they explode into a cacophony of power chords that call to mind Celtic Frost or Bathory.

Root’s new album, Kärgeräs – Return from Oblivion, comes out on November 25th via Agonia Records. Their new track is embedded below for your listening enjoyment. Color me intrigued.

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