Shit That Comes Out Today: November 18, 2016

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Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


41puq2wvml-_ss500De La Tierra
II (Label Name)
On a playlist with: Puya, Ill Nino, Soulfly
Listen “Valor Interior” (here) “Puro” (here)

The second album from De La Tierra hands you a few sad chuckles right away. You laugh at the thought that the two former members of Sepultura kinda drive you to spite them by learning to love post-Roots Sepultura, a band that sounds more like some other band from the same scene as true Sepultura. Yet in the post-Roots race, new Sepultura has the lead; they are better motivated. And now, unfunnily, their leader might’ve surpassed his former bandmates in the field of nu-metal, too, via De La Tierra. This album rips!!


Hardwired … To Self-Destruct (Blackened)
On a playlist with: COC, Danzig, Rollins Band
Listen Hardwired … To Self-Destruct full stream (here)

It’s like your hot ex-girlfriend has moved back in, but she now suffers from tons of mouth sores. That’s 2016 Metallica: thrash metal just like we’ve all been wanting since the ’90s and good enough songwriting to boot (“Moth Into Flame” “Halo On Fire”). But, like a mouthful of sores, their instruments sound painful. Ulrich’s drums are wrenches dropped in a garage, Hetfield’s guitar is shitty headphones direct to Sears amp. Only Hammett’s wah pedal is welcome and that is as batshit as the Cubs and Trump. Can we get a Nick Raskulinecz mix?


eternal-deformityEternal Deformity
No Way Out (Temple of Tortuous)
On a playlist with: Devin Townsend, Gojira, Cradle Of Filth
Listen No Way Out full stream (here)

For an album destined for a spot on many lists of the year’s best, it’s unhelpful to arrive in mid-November. That’s the time that writers are polishing their copy, not discovering new albums to enter into the year’s canon. Yet it seems that each year there appears an album like Eternal Deformity’s No Way Out that plants itself in your path. Beautiful and brutal, No Way Out‘s tale turns corners like a ambitious movie that never repeats a scene and displays a shocking level of confidence like a panhandler asking for a cool c-note. Crank it up!


Ctulu (MDD)
On a playlist with: Immortal, Watain, Endstille
Listen Ctulu full stream (here)

This week, a Decibel editorial asked if the “record review” has been rendered obsolete: Now that the music itself is available to all — not just a select few journalist types as in the days before internet — who actually needs help deciding what to buy? Nobody with ears. So that means that readers of a rated review seek only validation (ie. “Did Anso get it wrong as usual?”) and entertainment (ie. “Is Rhombus being hilarious as usual?”) more than new information. Which demands that modern music criticism shift focus from the sounds of music to the experience of a music fan in 2016 (ie. the context of the album). In a way, a review is redundant to the music — which, again, is available to anyone — like an album cover art that restates its title with images. And anyway, your revered artists always bristle at the lazy words of the conveniently reviled “media,” and you’re on their side, so they’d want you to quit demanding that a writer clinically list their secrets and just click play.


Vision And Ageless Light (Laser’s Edge)
On a playlist with: King Crimson, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Boredoms’ Super æ
Listen Vision And Ageless Light full stream (here)

This band EYE earns a big compliment via their new album Vision And Ageless Light. From a short distance, it so can be mistaken for some new project by Yamataka Eye, the frontman of that weird band Boredoms; Eye too has a project called EYE with similar weirdness as this Ohio band EYE, and Vision‘s look and song lengths even remind of Boredoms circa 1999. But a few minutes of Vision reveals a freaky band comprised of people who first met in that tent for Pink Floyd concertgoers who accidentally got unmanageably high. And Vision is special, so this revelation is not a letdown. That’s the big compliment.


Time Stand Still DVD (Label Name)
On a playlist with: Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, Rush A Show Of Hands, Rush In Rio
Listen “Spectacularly Fantastic” clip (here)

Rush must give fans a chance to say a proper goodbye. The markets not visited on their secretly final tour in 2015 are home to a zillion loving fans who would’ve hauled ass on freeways and airways if they had possessed the knowledge that it would be their last chance to experience a Rush concert. Think of Kobe Bryant, who comprehended that his fans would take extra measures — like dip into the vacation money or get a babysitter, whatever — to go out on a weeknight and witness a ton of Kobe offense one last time. Also like Bryant (lovvve youuu Kobe), Rush could sit out a night or two when needed. I mean, Neil Peart has struck something with a stick like 900 trillion times, at this point fans would accept a last-minute scratch here and there on their farewell rounds. (Plus, I’m sure Lifeson would DJ or do stand-up and concertgoers could just have a party instead. Pizza, etc.) And again like a Kobe fan, a Rush last-timer would happily accept less actual minutes; it’s more than okay if everything isn’t “just so” for us to have a fucking awesome time. But unlike Kobe, Rush’s farewell to their non-stalker fans can be achieved without a tour or even a strenuous schedule: The Rush dudes could hunker down in some huge city for a few weeks of shows — no travel, frequent off-days — and fans will come to them from the corners of the world. How about L.A. so we all have good flight options?



be-the-wolfAlistair Hennessey The House We Grew Up In (No Sleep) listen
Ancress Victoria/Jeiunium (Hypaethral) listen
Be The Wolf Rouge (Scarlet) listen
Conceived By Hate Death & Beyond (Morbid Skull) listen
Cross Vault Miles To Take EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Dark Sarah The Puzzle (Inner Wound) listen
Dead Conspiracy Dead Conspiracy listen
distant-sunThe Descent The Coven Of Rats (Suspiria) listen
Devilment Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes (Nuclear Blast) listen
Diabulus In Musica Dirge For The Archons (Napalm) listen
Distant Sun Into The Nebula (Metalism) listen
Disturbed Live At Red Rocks (Warner Brothers) listen
Drescher Erntezeit reissue (Napalm) listen
Duskwood Desert Queen listen
geezer-self-titledEnbound The Blackened Heart (Inner Wound) listen listen
Evil Madness Infant Death split (Doomentia) listen
Excel The Joke’s On You reissue (Southern Lord) listen listen
FlaktiiN Souls For The Legions (War Arts) listen
Freedom Call Master Of Light (SPV) listen
Furia Księzyc Milczy Luty (Pagan) listen
Galactic Pegasus Phantom Of The Hill (Famined) listen
furiaGeezer Geezer (Ripple/STB) listen
Gravehill / Mordbrand Skullbearer / In Nighted Waters split (Doomentia) listen listen
Green Bastard Pyre (Midnight Werewolf) listen
Grossty Crocopter (Transcending Obscurity) listen
Sammy Hagar This Is Sammy Hagar: When The Party Started collection (Mailboat) listen
grosstyHammer King King Is Rising (Cruz Del Sur) listen
Headless Kross Projections I (At War With False Noise) listen
Herman Frank The Devil Rides Out (AFM) listen
Hornss Telepath (Ripple/STB) listen
Id Tinieblas EP (HPGD) listen
Inire Cauchemar listen
Initiated World On Fire (Svart) listen
headless-krossIon Dissonance Cast The First Stone (Good Fight) listen
Karg Weltenasche (Art Of Propaganda) listen
Lamb Of God The Duke EP (Epic) listen listen
Light & Shade The Essence Of Everything (Scarlet) listen
Maschine Naturalis (Inside Out) listen
Melt Riffer (Danger Collective) listen
MindAhead Reflection (Revalve) listen
a-sense-of-gravityMisanthropic Rage Gates No Longer Shut (Godz Ov War) listen
Panphage Drengskapr (Nordvis) listen
Perikato Kuka Hyotyy (Svart) listen
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons EP (Motorhead) listen
Protest The Hero Pacific Myth (Razor & Tie) listen
Quicksand Dream Beheading Tyrants (Cruz Del Sur) listen
shamblesRisk Relay As We Descend (Nefarious) listen
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow Memories In Rock: Live In Germany DVD/CD (Eagle Rock) watch watch watch
Second To Sun Blackbound listen
A Sense Of Gravity Atrament listen
Shambles Realm Of Darkness Shrine (Nero One) listen
Siaskel Haruwen Airen (Signal Rex) listen
siaskel-haruwen-airenSixx: A.M. Prayers For The Blessed, Vol. 2 (Eleven Seven) listen
Soulburn Earthless Pagan Spirit (Century Media) listen
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger 25th Anniversary Edition (UME/A&M) listen listen
Spiritbell Guided By Evil Light EP (Witches Brew) listen
Various Artists Vinnum Dei Satanas: The Wine Of Satan (Forever Plagued) listen
Zombie Rodeo Cult Leader EP (Inverse) listen

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