Wes Borland Swears Off Social Media Over Donald Trump Flareup


If we could just forget Limp Bizkit ever existed, Wes Borland would totally be on Team MetalSucks. The solo album he released earlier this year was surprisingly really, really good, he’s been vocal about his distaste for president-elect (ugh) Donald Trump, and when referring to his work for Limp Bizkit, he’s very much taken the “welp, at least it pay the bills” attitude for at least the past decade. In other words: he’s a rad dude who gets it. And a talented musician, too, it turns out.

Now it seems some of Borland’s Instagram followers think he and his wife are Trump supporters — for which they’ve been getting some vile hatred directed their way, even though it couldn’t be any less true — and as a result, he’s pledged to stop reading and responding to comments on his social media profiles. (Axl Rosenberg has been subscribing to that policy for years, Wes, so welcome to the club!)

Here’s the post:

I’m reposting this because the overall message was obviously missed in the initial post. It was confusing when Carré received this DM, considering neither of us supported Trump. But the bigger picture we were trying to show, was how someone can jump to saying such vile, hateful, shitty things to someone they don’t event know, and obviously have the wrong impression of. This person who claims to be a fan of my band sent this shit to my wife. That shows how fucked up and hateful people can be. And instead of people recognizing that this kind of hate and behavior shouldn’t be tolerated, people got butt hurt and then made it about the new LB record still not being out. Wtf? Proves my point that everyone’s priorities are fucked. Saying that this dude probably sent this message to Carré because he’s disappointed that there’s no LB record out yet, is asinine. Furthermore, I never promised a new LB record. I am only responsible and in control of what I can do. I put out a record this year that was better reviewed than anything I’ve ever done in my entire career. Hardly anyone bought it because most people streamed it. So, not sure why people expect any of us to be motivated to churn out more records…For this post to even turn into a conversation about the new LB record is frustrating enough, though. So from here on out, I’m not reading comments or participating in discussion. Whenever I do I get slammed for being a real person and not the black eyed one dimensional guitar playing monkey that so many of you would like to see me as which is about as spot on as if YOU were only capable of doing the job you get paid for while having no other wisdom, expertise, interests, rights, opinions, or useful knowledge outside of that one narrow field. If you’re one of the many who’ve been interesting, reasonable, thoughtful, and cool, I appreciate it.

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The hate directed Wes’s way is also a pretty good indicator of who precisely Limp Bizkit fans are in 2016. I’d be shocked if the Bizkit fan / Trump correlation isn’t extremely high.

An additional layer of sadness here comes via the fact that the person directing hatred at Borland and his wife isn’t even a Trump supporter! Everyone is caught up on this vitriolic madness, it seems.

Wes, if you’re reading this: you have an open forum any time you want it via MetalSucks. Just let us know.

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