Toontrack Metal Month: Watch Ola Englund (ex-Six Feet Under, The Haunted) Demo Three New Expansions


For the past five years, MetalSucks has teamed up with Toontrack, the Swedish recording software company, to bring you Metal Month, a month dedicated to nothing but the best new expansions for one of the most prolific recording interfaces out there. This time around we’ve got Ola Englund demoing three new expansions for you to use in your own recording ventures: Metal Bass Beasts, Big Rock Drums EZX, and Mark Lewis Metal Tones.

Using the Mark Lewis Metal Tones expansion, Ola demonstrates a number of rhythm and lead presets that offer an amazing biting tone that can be utilized in any number of different metal tracks. The rhythm tones are chunky and full, while the leads screech across the track bright as can be. Sounds effing incredible, if I do say so myself.

After highlighting the guitar the video demonstrates the Big Rock Drums EZX expansion, turning down the guitars to highlight the beefy drum sound. It’s getting harder and harder to hear the difference between programmed drums and real ones these days, and this pack is a testament to that.

Finally, we’ve got the Metal Bass Beasts expansion. It’s plopping down a whole mess of fat-toned nonsense right at your front door, and the video makes sure to highlight just how dirty it can sound. Somehow, it’s still very audible in the mix giving an extra layer to the overall track that Ola is demoing.

If you want to experiment with this yourself you can check out the full range of products over on Toontrack’s site, and don’t forget about our Drumception contest. Some of these Metal Month tones might be the perfect tool for you to record some sick riffage on top of Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier’s drum tracks. You can win the entire Toontrack suite plus several metal expansions, so it’s more than worth your time.

So now that you’ve read my blow-by-blow, give your ears a chance to bask in its greatness and watch the video below. After all, you owe to yourself to get as much metal in as you can before you have to deal with your family during the holiday. Enjoy!

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