New Fear Factory Coming in 2017?


Fear Factory’s last album Genexus came out in the summer of 2015, but it seems as if Burton Seabell and Dino Cazares are already thinking about its followup.

Loudwire caught up with Cazares at the recent Bowl 4 Ronnie benefit in Los Angeles (that would be Ronnie James Dio, in case you’re dense), and he said the following about new material:

“Right now we’re going to be home and doing a new record. We’re writing already and in the process of doing a new record, but it probably won’t be out until late summer of next year or maybe even October. I’m not exactly sure.”

On the sound of the next record:

“It’s really too soon, but it will be in a Fear Factory vein. We’re not trying to change the wheel here. We’re just trying to write great songs.”

Which sounds about right. No one expects FF to reinvent the wheel — they just want more machine gun groovez.

Cazares also revealed the band is contemplating doing a 20th anniversary tour for Obsolete, which they did for Demanufacture in 2015:

“We’ve contemplated on doing Obsolete and I believe that we will, but it won’t be 20 years old until 2018. So if we do it it won’t be until then.”

More as we get it.

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