If You Actually Use the Business Card of Kurt Ballou from Converge to Build a Distortion Pedal, it Will Sound Like This


As you may recall, Kurt Ballou, guitarist for Converge and proprietor of God City Studios, recently revealed that he has the best business card ever — not only does it contain Ballou’s pertinent business info, but you can use it to build a working distortion pedal.

Let’s build something together. If you see me at a show or on the street or whatever (I won’t ship these), ask for my business card PCB. It’s free. If you have decent soldering skills, $40-50 to spend on parts, and can follow directions, it can be used to build an awesome distortion pedal! This circuit, called “Brutalist Jr.” is a simplified, yet no less brutal version of “Brutalist,” a pedal based on the Providence Stampede I’ll be releasing in 2017 under the GCI moniker. Thank you to my friends at @dunwichamps and @snkpedals for helping develop this. Paint job on the prototype by @brutalsquid #gci #godcityinstruments #brutalist #brutalistjr #stampede #runitsastampede #diy #buildsomething #businesscard #pcb #businesscardpcb #solder #distortionpedal #diyordie

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Now Ballou has uploaded a video of himself playing with the actual pedal, so you can hear what it would sound like. But, honestly, it could sound like Kid Rock screaming “Bumpa-doopa-schmoopa” over and over again the card would still be pretty rad. The fact that the pedal actually sounds good is just, like, a bonus.

Check it out:

[via The PRP]

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