If You Actually Use the Business Card of Kurt Ballou from Converge to Build a Distortion Pedal, it Will Sound Like This

  • Axl Rosenberg

As you may recall, Kurt Ballou, guitarist for Converge and proprietor of God City Studios, recently revealed that he has the best business card ever — not only does it contain Ballou’s pertinent business info, but you can use it to build a working distortion pedal.

Let’s build something together. If you see me at a show or on the street or whatever (I won’t ship these), ask for my business card PCB. It’s free. If you have decent soldering skills, $40-50 to spend on parts, and can follow directions, it can be used to build an awesome distortion pedal! This circuit, called “Brutalist Jr.” is a simplified, yet no less brutal version of “Brutalist,” a pedal based on the Providence Stampede I’ll be releasing in 2017 under the GCI moniker. Thank you to my friends at @dunwichamps and @snkpedals for helping develop this. Paint job on the prototype by @brutalsquid #gci #godcityinstruments #brutalist #brutalistjr #stampede #runitsastampede #diy #buildsomething #businesscard #pcb #businesscardpcb #solder #distortionpedal #diyordie

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Now Ballou has uploaded a video of himself playing with the actual pedal, so you can hear what it would sound like. But, honestly, it could sound like Kid Rock screaming “Bumpa-doopa-schmoopa” over and over again the card would still be pretty rad. The fact that the pedal actually sounds good is just, like, a bonus.

Check it out:

[via The PRP]

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