If You’ve Ever Wanted to Camp Out in Dave Mustaine’s Backyard, Here’s Your Chance


If you’re looking for a fun Spring Break vacation idea, consider this: Megadeth will host what they’re calling ‘Megadeth Boot Camp’ from March 10-13, an event they’re describing “as the summer camp of your metal dreams.” The “workshops” at the camp will include…

  • Fireside stories from the road with the band
  • Intimate acoustic performance from Megadeth
  • Jam session and live streaming of Symphony of Destruction
  • Drum, guitar and bass lessons, tips and tricks
  • Wine tastings excursion with Dave
  • Even metal trivia to challenge the depths of your music appreciation

That also sounds well good, but I admit, I’m totally confused by the part about “live streaming of Symphony of Destruction.” Does that mean they’re gonna play the album on Spotify and you’ll just, like, get to listen? I don’t get it.

Regardless, here’s what’s arguably the most interesting part about this whole thing: it “will take place on Dave Mustaine’s private estate in Southern California”… and guests will be sleeping in tents. Granted, they’re a helluva lot nicer than the rinky-dink apparatus most people associate with the word “tent.” But there’s still something kinda funny about telling people you spent a weekend sleeping in a tent in Dave Mustaine’s backyard. A single occupancy tent will cost you $5,500, while a double-occupancy tent will cost you $3,000 per person.

Like I said, these tents are nice, yo. I bet Bill Robinson ain’t never slept in a tent this nice.

Get more details and/or book your trip here.

[via The PRP]

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