Listen to Sepultura’s New Jam, “Phantom Self”


Listen to Sepultura’s New Jam, “Phantom Self”

Sepultura’s new song, “Phantom Self,” is pretty standard for the band’s post-Cavalera-era — which is to say, some of it is pretty good, some of it is mediocre, and some of it is pretty bad. What makes it kinda interesting is how it manages to be all of those things in one five-and-a-half-minute cut.

The opening is certainly intriguing: use of a wood block lends it a kinda Rootsy feel (in a good way), and then some strings with a somewhat Middle Eastern vibe kick in, and it’s like, “Oh, that’s new!” But then then they start playing this very nu-metal riff and the song gets REALLY Rootsy (in a bad way). There’s also a bit where Derrick Green keeps screaming “Transformed, I’m someone else/ Must face my phantom self” that sounds very local band-ish, which is to say, pretty lousy. Sprinkled throughout are some cool Andreas Kisser leads. Actually, my favorite part is the last two minutes of the track, when it’s mostly just Kisser and the strings.

As always, I’d suggest you just listen to the song and make up your own damned mind. You can do so below. “Phantom Self” will appear on Sepultura’s new album, Machine Messiah, which comes out January 13 on Nuclear Blast. The band goes on tour with Testament and Prong starting in April. Get dates here.

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