Stone Sour are Recording a New Album Right Now


The life of the 10th Most Important Person in Metal knows no rest. Here’s his schedule of album releases the past few years:

2008: All Hope is Gone (Slipknot)
2010: Audio Secrecy (Stone Sour)
2012: House of Gold & Bones Part 1 (Stone Sour)
2013: House of Gold & Bones Part 2 (Stone Sour)
2014: .5 The Gray Chapter (Slipknot)
2015: Meanwhile in Burbank EP (Stone Sour)
2015: Straight Outta Burbank EP (Stone Sour)

That doesn’t even take into account all the worldwide touring for both bands and the books he’s written during that time. And lest you think he’s been a slacker in 2016, consider all the hours it must take to run that new Instagram account in which he posts photos of himself and his son, who looks JUST LIKE HIM. And to post all those opinions about U.S. politics on Twitter! Sheesh!

I kid, I kid. We love Corey’s social network persona just as much as we love the music of the bands he’s in. But he seriously is one of the hardest working dudes in metal.

And that pace doesn’t seem like it’ll let up anytime soon: Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga posted the below on Instagram, revealing that the band has just begun recording their next album:

According to The PRP, who first picked up the post, a summer 2017 release date is expected. Having enjoyed the House of Gold & Bones duology very, very much, I greatly look forward to it! Time to get excitebike. It’ll be their first full-length without Jim Root, who departed in 2014.

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