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The Great Collapse: New Fit for an Autopsy Album Coming in March

Art by Adam Burke
Art by Adam Burke

Here’s some news fit for an “AW YEAH!”: Fit for an Autopsy have announced that they’ll release a new full-length, The Great Collapse, on March 17 via eOne/Good Fight (North America) and SPV (not North America). For the cheap seats: yes, that is the cover art above this paragraph.

According to guitarist/producer Will Putney, “The Great Collapse is a reflection on the current chaotic state of mankind’s relationship with the world, and it’s effect both outward and inward.” By the end of the year, it could also end up describing America. And by “by the end of the year,” I mean “by this time tomorrow.”

ANYWAY, Putney further promises that the record is “dark and unsettling” and “encapsulates a variety of approaches to aggressive music, and a definite expansion of our capabilities as a band.” I can’t fuckin’ wait to hear it. FFAA are 3-3 so far (or 4-4, if you count last year’s split, The Depression Sessions), so I have total faith in their ability to rip me a new one.

Alas, no music has been released yet, but expect that to change soon. In the meantime, Fit for an Autopsy go on tour with After the Burial next month. This band is just a wrecking ball live, so I highly recommend you get your ass to a show. Dates are here.

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