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Guest Playlist: Lee Buford of The Body’s Favorite Love Songs


Alcest are currently out on a massive, MetalSucks-sponsored North American tour with The Body and Creepers. In celebration, we’ve asked each band to put together a playlist based around a theme of their choice.

Earlier this month Neige from Alcest compiled a playlist of his favorite post-punk and new wave songs, and Creepers guitarist Shiv Mehra (also of Deafheaven) followed that with some primo songs to spark up to. Today The Body drummer Lee Buford shares with you some of his all-time favorite love songs, followed by a quick Q&A about his picks.

Cat Power – “I Found a Reason”
The Beatles – “Long, Long, Long”
Van Morrison – “I’ll be your Lover, Too”
Magnetic Fields – “The Book of Love”
Lana del Rey – “Old Money”
Chris Bell – “You and Your Sister”
Willie Nelson – “Always On My Mind”
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Love Letter”
Sade – “By My Side”
Gal Costa – “Baby”
Majical Clouds – “Silver Car Crash”
Patti Smith – “Because the Night”
The Pogues – “A Pair of Brown Eyes”
David Bowie – “Be My Wife”
16 Horsepower – “Nobody ‘Cept You”
Roy Orbison – “I Drove All Night”


Lots of old rock n’ roll on your list! Can you talk about the role this music played in your musical development?

It’s the stuff I grew up with so I’m sure it has a pretty big influence on me. I don’t listen to much new “rock” music. It kinda hit its peak, and I feel like not too much is interesting nowadays. Which is strange because it was so good for so long.

Everything on your list is very different from the music you play in The Body. Can you talk about how this music, even though it’s much lighter than The Body, influences what you do in your band?

The few songs I write lyrics for in the band are pretty much love songs to some degree, so it’s not too too far off. I think The Body is a pretty good amalgamation of a bunch of influences so nothing seems too far fetched to me.

Can you talk about your appreciation for the late, great David Bowie?

Bowie is great because he could do anything. He wasn’t afraid to go full force in any direction, and that’s really inspiring. It didn’t hurt that everything he tried he mastered immediately also.

Pick one band on this list that MetalSucks readers may not be familiar with and talk about them a bit. 

I first heard about Magical Cloudz because they toured with Miley Cyrus, but I figured they couldn’t be good with a name like that. But the Miley stamp of approval won me over and now I love them. The lyrics are so straight forward I think it’s off-putting to some people, but that’s why I love it.

What do you and The Body have planned for the rest of 2017?

We’ve got a European tour in May and maybe Japan and Australia later in the year. We’re also working on our next LP but we’re trying to take our time with it and get a bunch of people to play on it, so it may take awhile. We have a Record Store Day 7″ coming out for Sisters in Christ. Our friends Bryan (Thou) and Michael have a great store in New Orleans, so that’ll be cool to work with them.

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