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September Mourning: Insanely Catchy Pop-Metal


Last year Amaranthe, a band for whom I previously had zero love, released an insanely infectious song called, appropriately enough, “That Song.” It represented pop songwriting at its best wrapped in a metal shell, and it got stuck in my head bad.

Now September Mourning have released a video for their song “20 Below” and… hooo boy, this one’s a doozy! I don’t know anything about this band at all, but if this song is any indication they sure know how to write a hella good pop song.

Check it out below. Maybe only listen, don’t watch the video; you’ll probably be put off by the band’s visual appearance (they’re trying very, very hard). And probably don’t look too deep into things: the members take names like “Stitch” and “Wraith.” Groan.

But yeesh! What a fucking song. It’s a pop gem. In This Moment tried to be this good but mostly failed (except for that one song).

The band’s latest album Volume II came out last year. Buy it here via Sumerian.

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