Harley Flanagan (ex-Cro Mags) Has Launched a Fundraiser for the Bad Brains’ Dr. Know


The past year plus has been incredibly rough for Gary Miller, aka Dr. Know of seminal hardcore outfit Bad Brains. In November of 2015 he was hospitalized and put on life support for an undisclosed ailment, which it later came to light was cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure. After three months in the hospital he was released and transferred to a medical rehabilitation facility, and a GoFundMe campaign was launched to help cover medical and rehab expenses, bringing in nearly $72,000. “Doc and his loved ones are now confident that he will make a full recovery and continue to touch our lives with his incredible music, kindness, and positivity.”

Unfortunately that full recovery has yet to materialize: it’s not clear whether Dr. Know has returned home yet (we would think so, by now), but according to ex-Cro Mags bassist Harley Flanagan, Know “still has a long road to recovery. I spoke to him the other day, and he still can’t use his left hand and has no feeling in it. He can’t play and is having a hard time,” Flanagan tells MetalSucks.

So Flanagan has done what so many good friends would: launched another fundraiser, since the initial money raised has since been depleted. Flanagan will be releasing an album with his new band HARD-CORE later this year, and he’s set up a Pledge Music campaign with all sorts of perks to benefit one of hardcore’s legends. Says Flanagan:

“When Gary Miller A/K/A Dr Know the guitarist for the Bad Brains got sick I wanted to do something to help him, so I reached out to my old band members to see if we could do a benefit or a reunion show, but that didn’t work out. Dr. Know and the Bad Brains were a huge influence on my music, on the Cro-Mags and close personal friends of mine and my family. I am releasing the first song from my new LP coming out this year to support Dr Know and his family.”

Check out the campaign here.

Dr. Know isn’t the only member of Bad Brains currently suffering from medical issues; frontman H.R. is scheduled for brain surgery on February 21 to alleviate severe, debilitating cluster headaches.

Sending both of these dudes all of our love.

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