R.I.P. H.I.M.

  • Axl Rosenberg

H.I.M. fans, you had better sit down. I know you folks tend to an emotional bunch under the best of circumstances… and these are not the best of circumstances.

Sitting down? Okay. Here we go.

H.I.M. are breaking up.

Okokokokokok, don’t cry please stop crying please don’t cry. It will be all right. They’re doing a farewell tour, so you’ll have a chance to-

PUT DOWN THE KNIFE! Carving a heartagram into your flesh won’t change anything! It’s going to be okay. I know H.I.M. are really good at what they do. But it’s okay. There are other bands in the world — even ones that sing pop-metal songs about heartbreak and are fronted by a boyishly handsome vocalist. You’ll make it through this. Just try to be strong.

Here’s the announcement, along with a bunch of European tour dates… U.S. dates should be announced sometime in the not-too-distant future.

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