Eyehategod’s Mike IX Williams after Liver Transplant Surgery: “I’m feeling amazing.”


Following liver transplant surgery late last year, things are looking up for Eyehategod’s Mike IX Williams, who is set to return to the stage with the band later this month.

Though he is still facing a mountain of medical bills (donate here!), the singer revealed in a new interview with Clrvynt that he’s feeling better than he has in a very long time:

How are you feeling?

I’m feeling amazing, to be honest with you. This whole thing has been insane — it’s been a crazy ride, but I feel better than I’ve felt in ages. I mean, I’m 50 years old … I’m not a spring chicken or anything, but I have so much energy now, and my whole life seems like it’s turned around.

You got the transplant in mid-December. How long did it take for you to become a semi-functioning human being after that?

Well, the doctors said that they thought it was pretty amazing that I healed up so fast. I got back to normal pretty fast. It’s only been a few months, but it didn’t take very long. It feels like the more you try, the faster it works. I was in the hospital for three months! But it started years ago. I mean, the last time we played Saint Vitus, I was feeling terrible. That whole little tour we did … I wish I could forget that tour, because it was pretty horrible for me. I was trying to go out on the road and I couldn’t. I shouldn’t have been.

Once I got the transplant, I just healed up, and it’s amazing how that works. I have someone else’s body part inside me making me feel better.


Later in the interview Williams talks about what it was like letting Phil Anselmo and Randy Blythe front Eyehategod while he couldn’t (both were his ideas), his years living in gritty old NYC in the ’90s and more. Read the full piece here.

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