The Entire Text of the Lawsuit Against Ghost Has Leaked Online


The entire text of the lawsuit filed against Tobias Forge (“Papa Emeritus”) by four former members of Ghost has appeared online, and Reddit user Joppe777 has painstakingly translated it from Swedish to English. Thanks to The PRP for digging this up.

Here’s the tl;dr version of the lawsuit text: according to Swedish law, “a legal partnership exists if two or more [parties] have agreed to commercial activities without creating a registered company.” The lawsuit attempts to establish that an equal partnership existed on these grounds (despite the admitted lack of a written agreement), and also cites emails by Forge and verbal agreements between the members as evidence of a prior agreement in which band profits would be shared equally.

The text also establishes a very, very detailed timeline of the band’s history as it relates to discussions about profits and payments to band members, and those members joining and leaving the group. If someone wanted to take the time to put together a list of every Nameless Ghoul ever to play in Ghost and each one’s time with the band, they could do so using this text as a guide.

News broke yesterday about the lawsuit, in which former Nameless Ghoul Simon Söderberg alleged that Forge had attempted to take control of the band and hire the other members as contractors despite a previous agreement that the group was an equal partnership. The suit also charged that Force was hiding profits from the former members and demanded he produce income/expense statements from the previous five years.

Here’s everything:

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