Stop Playing Around You Little Bitch, Watch This Interview with Body Count’s Ice-T


Remember a couple of weeks ago, when our buddies at Metal Injection released a video of Ice-T telling a totally rad story about the late, great Bill Paxton? Well, that was only a small part of a much larger, more in-depth interview, the complete video of which has now been released!

It’s long — almost twenty minutes — but if you love Body Count’s new album, Bloodlust, as much as I do, it’s totally worth watching. Topics of discussion include not only the album but also politics (natch) and the state of the music industry. Best of all, they got Ice to play a game dubbed “‘Eat A Hot Bowl of Dicks’ or ‘Cool With Me’,” in which the rapper/actor is asked to pass judgment using the poetic turn of phrase he originally coined. Watch:

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