Hot New Shit from Bands with Names Beginning with the Letter ‘F’: Fall of Minerva and The Furor

  • Axl Rosenberg

What do these two bands have in common other than names that begin with the letter ‘F’? Shhhh. Don’t ask questions, baby. Just check these out:

Fall of Minerva are signed to Basick and their new video, “Novocaine,” debuted on It Djents. So you at least kinda know what you’re gonna get here.

I say “kinda” ’cause the truth is, Fall of Minerva aren’t really a djent band, either. The Italian quintet profess to play “atmospheric hardcore,” which is a far more accurate description of their music. “Novocaine” starts in the tradition of bands like Norma Jean and The Ongoing Concept and ends in the tradition of bands like Buried Inside and So Hideous. It’s furious and filmic and funereal and fan-fuckin’-tastic.

Check out “Novocaine” below. The song appears on Fall of Minerva’s debut, Portraits, which is out now. You can stream it on Spotify or stream and purchase it on Bandcamp.

The erudite Anso DF sang the praises of Australia’s The Furor when they released their album Cavalries of the Occult on Trending Obscurity last month:

“‘Cavalries of the Occult’ sounds darkly insane like ’90s death metal did in comparison to merry thrash metal. And the album aims for future lists that look back on the best metal of the ’10s. Total home run. Awesome guitars.”

TRUTH. If you haven’t already checked this band out, here’s a good place to start: Metal Injection just premiered their video for the song “Fomes Peccati.” Check it out below, then go buy the album on Bandcamp!


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