Sarah Palin Brings Kid Rock and Ted Nugent to the White House


Sarah Palin, former Gov. of Alaska and former Vice Presidential candidate, was spotted at the White House Wednesday evening with Kid Rock (future republican senator of Michigan?)  and Ted Nugent (who’s probably still shedding tears of joy about Trump’s victory) as they visited President Trump for some lighthearted Republican shenanigans. The three of them began in the Oval Office before visiting other areas of the White House as well.

One picture floating around shows the trio openly mocking Hilary Clinton as they gather around a painting of her. I’m not defending Hilary, but I think the photo is in relatively poor taste, not because it offends my political sensibilities but because it disgusts me how much unwarranted mudslinging happens on both sides amongst political figureheads these days. Then again, I’m not at all surprised given the personalities involved; I don’t think they’re really doing anything more than having a little bit of fun, but maybe that picture would’ve been better kept in private. Hey, at least it’s hard for me to lose respect for people that I never really had any respect for in the first place!

Regardless, it looks like they all had fun. Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Deziel and Kid Rock’s fiancé Audrey Berry are also pictured with gigantic smiles as they hover around Trump in the Oval Office. It’s a great time to be a conservative, I guess.


[via The Hill]

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