Enlarge Chris Letchford's guitar has 168 LED lights built in to the fretboard.

Scale the Summit Debut New Song Featuring Vocalist Joseph Secchiaroli (The Reign Of Kindo)


Holy moly! The lights in the guitar on this video! They’re IN the guitar! I’m transfixed, can’t stop watching…

Ah, right, Scale the Summit. New Song “Jackhammer Ballet.” So far sounds pretty good. And…

Yo but seriously, those LIGHTS! How many of them are there? 168? Is that one per fret per string? How many strings is that guitar? Seven. Does that math work out?

Right right, sorry, Scale the Summit. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from these guys, yeah? Yup, four years almost to the date since In a World of Fear came out. I…

God damn those lights!! Are they synching up with what he’s playing? It seems like sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t — gotta be pre-programmed. Is there some kind of outboard programming unit, or can it be done on a computer? How long did that take??

Whoops, got distracted again. Joseph Secchiaroli (The Reign Of Kindo) sings on the track. I don’t know his band, but his vocals suit this tune. It’s nice to hear Scale the Summit with vocals.

That guitar is a Kiesel. I wonder if it was a custom build-out or if they sell these?? Should I get one???

Dammit, enough with the friggin’ guitar, I promise!

Scale the Summit’s new album Subjects comes out on June 25; pre-order here. It will feature a bevy of guest vocalists including Courtney Laplante (Spiritbox), Ross Jennings (Haken), Eric Emery (Skyharbor), Mike Semesky (Raunchy), Eli Cutting, Garrett Garfield, and Renny Carroll, as well as guest guitar solos from Andy James (Five Finger Death Punch) and Brandon Ewing (Eternity Forever) and a flute solo from Tommy Graven.

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