DevilDriver to Begin Playing Four Coal Chamber Songs Live

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, I guess I’m never gonna see DevilDriver live again.

The band has, up until now, ostensibly been frontman (and now manager) Dez Fafara’s penance for the musical atrocities he leveled against the world while part of Coal Chamber. But according to a new interview with Metalpaths, Fafara is no longer keeping the identities of the two projects completely separate:

“I will tell you this now, DevilDriver is going to start playing four Coal Chamber songs. I’m tired of waiting to play the music that made me who I was. I waited fourteen years to play ‘Loco’ again, and that’s the song that made me who I was.”

Fafara continued:

“… I had a late night phone call with Glenn Danzig. [He] called my house, and he told me, ‘Listen, when I left the Misfits, I played Samhain songs and Misfits songs when I was playing Danzig songs. When Rob Zombie left White Zombie, he played White Zombie songs. Why have you waited for long?”

Of course there’s a key difference between the Misfits and White Zombie and Coal Chamber, that difference being, of course, that Coal Chamber is fucking awful. But I guess at this point whatever value there is to keeping to the two brands separate is outweighed by the value of potentially attracting nostalgic ticket buyers who just wanna hear “Sway” live again.

If I was one of the members of Coal Chamber, I’d be pissed. If I was one of the members of DevilDriver, I’d be really pissed.

Oh well. We’ll always have The Last Kind Words.

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