Frankie Palmeri Likes Creed and Staind Because of Course He Does


Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri is a massive Limp Bizkit fan who has publicly declared his love to Fred Durst and said he wants to tour with the Bizkit. So the fact that he recently took to Twitter to defend Creed and Staind isn’t really all that shocking:

Palmeri actually has a valid point with regards to the difference between not liking a band and a band sucking. I don’t particularly enjoy Dream Theater, but I can’t argue that those dudes don’t know their way around their instruments. They’re clearly incredible musicians, regardless of how I personally feel about their work. And from a technical perspective, maybe the guys in Creed are good. People who pay closer attention to these kinds of bands have been telling me that Mark Tremonti is an excellent guitarist for years, and I’m happy to take their word for it.

But geez, the wanting to watch someone who thinks Staind sucks drown really undermines his argument (and honestly feels much more like the Palmeri we know and love). I’d also point out that the phrase “That band sucks” is fairly vague, by which I mean, at least half the time people use it, they are just stating an opinion. In other words, this may be the extremely rare instance of Palmeri making a subtle distinction.

In related news, if Palmeri didn’t already want to watch me drown*, he does now.

*I have it on good authority that he did.

[via The PRP]

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