Guest Playlist: 3Teeth’s Biggest Influences


3Teeth’s new album, <shutdown.exe>, is the retro industrial fix you didn’t know you needed. Said our own Axl Rosenberg about the band’s newest single “Shutdown,” “[the track] sounds like a B-side from The Downward Spiral or Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar. If someone played it for you and told you it had been recorded in 1996, you would absolutely believe it.” Needless to say, we like it a whole lot.

We asked 3Teeth vocalist Alexis Mincolla to put together a playlist for us of some of his own personal influences and those of the band as a whole, and wouldn’t you know it the guy obliged! The playlist runs the gamut from Dimmu Borgir to Code Orange to Triptykon to, yes, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, and we followed it up by asking him a few quick questions about his choices, which you’ll find below.

<shutdown.exe> comes out May 19 on OMF Records. Pre-order it here.

How did you first get into industrial music?

I definitely grew up more of a metal head but my friend’s older brother had a tape of Ministry’s The Land of Rape and Honey that he let me borrow, and that really set off a whole new chain of events in terms of my musical exploration.

Can you talk about Steve Moore a bit, his influence on you, and on today’s electronic scene?

Steve Moore is an NYC-based composer best known for his synth and bass guitar work with Zombi, and he’s just someone we’ve been a big fan of for a while. I just love how cinematic and atmospheric his score work is. He always manages to capture this sort of visceral John Carpenter vibe that speaks to me.

For those who haven’t seen 3Teeth live yet, what can they expect from your shows?

Lockstep grooves, ominous atmospherics and some jarring live visuals. Something along the lines of an ontological one-night stand.

Let’s talk about some of the less industrial bands on your playlist — Car Bomb, Code Orange, Power Trip, etc. How do these bands influence 3Teeth’s sound?

Those are just bands that I’ve personally been digging, and I think all their new albums are really strong. They don’t necessarily influence our sound but I really respect bands who do their own thing.

What do you have planned for 3Teeth for the rest of 2017?

We’re just going to hit the road as soon as the album drops. We’ve got some big shows coming up doing support with Rammstein, which we’re really excited about because I think it will be a good fit.

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