Entombed Lawsuit: Court Rules in Favor of Hellid, Cederlund and Andersson

  • Axl Rosenberg

Assuming you haven’t been entombed these past few years, you’re probably aware that there’s been a big lawsuit surrounding Entombed since 2014. The reasons for the suit are long and complicated, but the short version is, vocalist LG Petrov has been fighting for the Entombed trademark with former bandmates Alex Hellid (guitars), Uffe Cederlund (also guitars) and Nicke Andersson (drums). This has resulted in two versions of Entombed: one dubbed ‘Entombed A.D.,’ led by Petrov, the other featuring Hellid, Cederlund and Andersson.

But that will soon be over — I think — because according to The PRP, “The Swedish courts ruled in favor of [Hellid, Cederlund and Andersson] on May 17th on all points of their claim.” It’s possible Petrov will be allowed to continue his Entombed A.D. project, but it’s definite that his former bandmates can now soldier on under the original Entombed moniker.

Hellid, Cederlund and Andersson tell Blabbermouth:

“Naturally we are delighted with the decision of the courts. It’s a great relief that this issue is now finally ruled on and we can return to focusing on giving people more Entombed. We have discussed ideas and plans of what we want to do and look forward to working together on creating the best possible Entombed for the future, both in the recording studio and in a live setting.”

We’ll let you know when/if Petrov releases a statement of his own. In the meantime… are you happy about this outcome? Sad? Indifferent? Debate amongst yourselves in the comments section below.

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