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Hey, It’s a New Rings of Saturn / Guitar Pro Song, “Inadequate”


Rings of Saturn
Guitar Pro aficionados and half-speed recording pioneers Rings of Saturn have new music on the way to coincide with their appearance on this year’s Summer Slaughter tour: Ultu Ulla will come out on July 28th via their new label, Nuclear Blast.

Like it’s 2014 predecessor, Lugal Ki En, it’s a concept album involving some really silly shit:

“The album name, Ultu Ulla, means “Time Immemorial” in Sumerian Cuneiform.  Ultu Ulla (Time Immemorial) is about aliens transcending space and time and uncovering an ancient incomprehensible entity that threatens the fabric of universal existence.”

Wait… a tech-death album involving space and time travel and intergalactic species? Sound familiar:

You should probably just stop right there because it’s impossible to out-worm Wormed, but if you’d like to hear some middling tech-death made by and for angry suburban deathcore kids, have at it, and order here if you desire:

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