Latest Summer Slaughter 2017 Rumors: Rings of Saturn and Lorna Shore


Following The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Oceano and Slaughter to Prevail, it seems as if Rings of Saturn and Lorna Shore will be on this summer’s edition of the annual Summer Slaughter tour.

The Facebook page for Summer Slaughter dropped a hint suggesting as much over the weekend:

“a natural selection of a man made disaster leaves another flesh coffin.”

Ghost Cult Mag has done the heavy lifting of Googling those phrases for us to decode the message: “Natural Selection” is a track from Rings of Saturn’s 2014 album Lugal Ki En, and Flesh Coffin is the title of Lorna Shore‘s latest album.

Soooo… this latest revelation isn’t exactly leaving me optimistic with regards to this year’s Slaughter lineup. The two top-billed bands are legit — and may alone make the show worth attending — but so far as it’s an undercard to forget. I guess Summer Slaughter goes back and forth on these things, though: last year’s lineup was so killer and obviously geared towards us older folk that a skew back to the younger / scene crowd was probably inevitable.

We will continue to post lineup hints as they come in.

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