Shit That Comes Out Today: June 2, 2017

  • Phil Boozeman

I’m moving today so I’ll try to be brief here. This week is a much better week for metal than last week was and there is a lot of shit that comes out today (lol). I don’t know how many of you actually take my suggestions on what music to spend your time with, but if you only listen to one album this week, make sure it’s the Panopticon one because unless you’ve heard them before, then you’ve never heard anything like them in your life. But anyway, I have more shit to put in boxes so here’s some new music:

eighteenvisionsEighteen Visions
XVIII (Rise Records)
On a playlist with: Bleeding Through, Atreyu, Throwdown
Listen “The Disease, The Decline and Wasted time” (here)

Ah yes, the long-awaited reunion album from Eighteen Visions that will mark the band’s first release in elevn years. I can’t say that I have ever checked this band out before the announcement of this new album and honestly, from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem like I missed much. But I digress, Axl and Vince seem excited for this album — even if two of the three singles have bombed — and I’m sure lots of other people are stoked for this record as well. So whatever, ignore my opinion and carry on.

missmayiMiss May I
Shadows Inside (SharpTone Records)
On a playlist with: Fit For A King, Gideon, The Amity Affliction
Listen “Lost in the Grey” (here)

So here’s the deal with Miss May I. I saw them open for Whitechapel once and although I would by no means consider myself a fan of their generic metalcore music, they put on a pretty good show and they at least sounded decent live. If you’ve read any of my writing then you should probably know that Miss May I are in the category of bands that have heavy verses and whiny, clean singing choruses. My opinion on literally every one of these bands is the same: boring and unoriginal. But like I said, they put on a good show, so whatever. Carry on.

Fear Those Who Fear Him (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Grand Supreme Blood Court
Listen “Nihilist” (here)

Here’s a fun drinking game: Turn on “Nihilist” and take a shot every time you hear the word nihilist. I, Phil Boozeman, personally guarantee that it will get you blackout drunk by the time the song is over or your money back! I’m serious, 2.5 minutes of song and you’ll be fucking wasted. “But Phil, you drunken jackass, what about the music?” Yep, it’s pretty good and even comes with a personal endorsement from Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore. Are you convinced yet? I don’t care. It’s your loss if not.

mutoidmanMutoid Man
War Moans (Sargent House)
On a playlist with: Converge, Cave In, Torche
Listen full album stream (here)

I’m just going to be lazy and quote Axl here because what he said is essentially the same thing I would say, however, the quotation marks mean it’s journalism instead of plagiarism (all of you in high school and college remember that). Ahem: “The first song on Mutoid Man’s new album, War Moans, is called “Melt Your Mind,” and it strongly advises the listener against allowing his or her mind to be melted. Don’t take that advice too much to heart, though — ’cause if you do, you can’t actually listen to War Moans, which is a real brain microwave.This record fucking rocks and as a plus, it has album artwork sure to piss off Republicans everywhere. Listen and buy.

12 Jacket (Gatefold - One Pocket) [GDOB2-30CH-001]Panopticon
Kentucky (Bindrune)
On a playlist with: Black metal and bluegrass in some sort of satanic blender
Listen full album stream (here)

I generally try to stay away from reissues when I write STCOT, but I’m making an exception here because I have never in my fucking life heard music that I can both hunt animals and sacrifice them to Satan to without switching records. Panopticon are a black metal/bluegrass band that belong in a genre of their very own: blackgrass. So if you’re traveling down South but still want to be brutal when it comes to compromising with your Trump-voting relatives, then give this band a whirl if for no other reason than seeing the looks on their faces when the banjo intro turns into black metal shrieks on the first track.

’68 Two Parts Viper (Cooking Vinyl) listen
Adrenaline Mob We The People (Century Media) listen
Carnivore Carnivore (Reissue) (Metalville) listen
Crimson Glory Transcendence (Reissue) (Metalville) listen
Danzig Skeletons (Vinyl) (Colored Vinyl/Cassette) (Nuclear Blast Entertainment/Evillive) listen
Destruction Thrash Anthems (Vinyl) (Wax Maniax) listen
Dreaming Dead Funeral Twilight (Hammerheart Records) listen
Elder Reflections Of A Floating World (Stickman Records/Armageddon Shop) listen
Endon Through The Mirror (Hydra Head Records) listen
Evanescence Evanescence (Vinyl) (Concord Music Group) listen
Evanescence Fallen (Vinyl) (Concord Music Group) listen
Evanescence The Open Door (Vinyl) (Concord Music Group) listen
EZoo Feeding The Beast (earMusic) listen
Gloom Solaris (eOne Music/Lifeblood Inc.) listen
Great White Full Circle (Frontiers) listen
Green Death Pure Torture (EMP Label Group) listen
Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional (Picture Disc) (Picture Disc Vinyl)(Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen
Ikillya War For An Idea (Urban Yeti) listen
Jorn Life On Death Road (Frontiers) listen

Mudvayne The End Of All Things To Come (15th Anniversary) (Vinyl) (Clear Vinyl With Black Smoke)(SRCvinyl) listen
Obelyskkh The Providence (Exile On Mainstream Records) listen
Obey The Brave Mad Season (Epitaph) listen
Phobia Lifeless God (Willowtip) listen
Primal Fear Angels Of Mercy – Live In Germany (Frontiers Music Srl) listen
Rotting Christ Non Serviam (Vinyl) (Peaceville) listen
Radiation Romeos Radiation Romeos (Frontiers) listen
Secret Sphere The Nature Of Time (Frontiers) listen
Shadow Of Doubt No Mercy (War Records) listen
SikTh The Future In Whose Eyes? (Millennium Night) listen
Tengger Cavalry Die On My Ride (M-Theory Audio) listen
The Ferrymen The Ferrymen (Frontiers Music Srl) listen
Unleash The Archers Apex (Napalm) listen
Volur Ancestors (Prophecy) listen
Wednesday 13 Condolences (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) listen

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