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Stream Mutoid Man’s New Album, War Moans

  • Axl Rosenberg

The first song on Mutoid Man’s new album, War Moans, is called “Melt Your Mind,” and it strongly advises the listener against allowing his or her mind to be melted. Don’t take that advice too much to heart, though — ’cause if you do, you can’t actually listen to War Moans, which is a real brain microwave.

And believe you me, you want to stick your brain in this microwave. You want to shove it in there and put it on the highest possible setting. ‘Cause War Moans is totally boss. Not only is every song totally rad, but every song is catchier than the last. This album is an all-around win.

Let War Moans melt your mind below, courtesy of Noisey. It comes out this Friday, June 2 on Sargent House. Pre-order it here. The band kicks off a tour with Helms Alee a couple of days later; get dates here.

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