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Warbeast Announce Final Album, Enter the Arena

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bittersweet news of the day: Warbeast have announced that they’ll release a new album, Enter the Arena, on August 4. Although the press release making the announcement doesn’t explicitly say as much, we have to imagine that, given vocalist Bruce Corbitt’s recent retirement from singing as a result of esophageal cancer, this will be Warbeast’s last new album… or at least, it will be their last new album as the Warbeast we recognize.

But at least we have this bad-ass to look forward to! I mean, look at this album art:


Holy SHIT, that is metal as fuqqq. That wasn’t a typo, I needed three ‘q’s to express how metal it is.

Presumably, a single will be released soon. ‘Til then, you can pre-order Enter the Arena here (CD) or here (vinyl). Donate to Corbitt’s medical fund here

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