Stream Tombs’ New Album, The Grand Annihilation



Every bit as dark, smokey, and grimy as a witch’s cauldron, Tombs’ new offering, The Grand Annihilation, doesn’t feel like an album so much as an incantation. You don’t need to play this record backwards to commune with Beelzebub, ’cause The Grand Annihilation is that evil motherfucker’s entrance music. Tombs’ moody, hypnotic, ritualistic brand of black metal rises from some place underneath, like opaque slime seeping from cracks in the ground. Its vibe suggests that the End of Days won’t come about with a single, massive bomb, but as the culmination of a much gradual process. Which, these days, seems right on the money.

Metal Blade will release the album roughly ten hours from now — but why wait ’til tomorrow to conjure some sanity-destroying entity from the fathoms when you can do it right now? Dim the lights, paint a pentagram on the floor in pig’s blood, fire up some ceremonial candles, and start the ritual below, courtesy of Noisey. If you survive the experience with your soul intact, remember that there’s still to pre-order The Grand Annihilation before its release tomorrow. You can do so here.

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