Mastodon Shot a Hilarious Promo Video with PBR


Mastodon’s recently completed spring and upcoming fall tour are both sponsored by PBR, so the band decided to have a little fun in a new promo video that pokes fun at the idea of corporate sponsorships.

The spot features Andy Riggs, the fictional tour manager for PBR’s music division, whipping the four Mastodudes into shape on how to best represent the brand. Mastodon have never taken themselves too seriously — see also this mock TV commercial Brent Hinds shot for his favorite Atlanta bar Elmyr back in 2011 — and Pabst Blue Ribbon certainly isn’t a brand for beer snobs, so the two are a perfect match.

The clip does a great job of both making fun of itself and plugging the crap out of PBR without being annoying or overly shilly, so kudos to all the folks involved in its production! Check it out below.

[via Metal Insider]

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