Infowars Editor Slams Stray From the Path’s New Song “Goodnight Alt-Right”


UPDATE #2, 12:20pm EDT: The video is back up! Hooray.

UPDATE, 11:01am EDT: Stray From the Path’s video has been pulled from YouTube. We have a request for comment out to Sumerian Records, and will update this post when we hear back.

Original Post:

As if the title didn’t tip you off, Stray From the Path’s new song “Goodnight Alt-Right” is another dose of liberal fury from a band that specializes in it. The song, which has racked up over 75,000 YouTube views since its release yesterday, was incendiary enough to attract the attention of Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large of the conservative conspiracy/crazy person site Infowars. Watson offered the following on Twitter:

“SJWs made a metal song and yes it’s as bad as you think. RIP your thumbs down. ????”

Watson’s missive was enough to convince his followers to flock to the video on YouTube and give it the old “thumbs down” treatment: currently the track’s sitting at 2,550 likes and 13,305 dislikes. Oof!

I’d be sad, except fuck that: Stray From the Path are — and always have been — proud, unapologetic SJWs, fighting the good fight. At the very least, they’re starting a conversation: they’re making people talk. And yeah, punch a nazi in the face, fuck that asshole.

Only Death Is Real comes out on September 8th via Sumerian Records; pre-order here.

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