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Nine Things That Occured to Me While Watching Mastodon’s New Video for “Steambreather”


Mastodon have a new video for the Emperor of Sand album track “Steambreather.” It’s quite the affair!

Here are a few things that occurred to me while watching:

  1. It’s odd timing for Mastodon to be releasing a new, scripted music video, whatwith a new EP right around the corner.
  2. Hots dog. The plural of hot dog is hots dog.
  3. Mastodon actually made an entire music video about “deep nasal enlightenment.”
  4. I would have loved to have been in the room when the director pitched the band on this concept. “Guys, I’ve got this idea, ya see…”
  5. I wonder what “deep nasal enlightenment” is an allegory for?
  6. This video takes a SUPER trippy turn in its back half, although I should’ve seen that coming b/c Mastodon
  7. These animations for fucking sick
  8. I keep expecting the members of the band to appear in the video as actors as they have in past clips, but they never do
  9. Mastodon forever \m/

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