Carnivore Reform, Become the Latest Band to Add ‘A.D.’ to Their Moniker

  • Axl Rosenberg

At some point, it became hip to add the initials ‘B.C.’ or ‘A.D.’ to the end of your band’s name when you’re in a legal dispute or you need to differentiate yourself from your former bandmates’ other version of your band or you just need to differentiate your band from another band with the same name. I think this trend started with the period when Ghost had to be ‘Ghost B.C.’ for awhile, but we’ve obviously seen other prominent examples, like Entombed A.D., Lazarus A.D., and Extinction A.D. If Abbath’s name by itself didn’t carry so much weight in the metal community, I think we would have ended up with an Immortal A.D. Death became Death D.T.A., but only because Chuck Schuldiner was such an envelope-pusher that to call the band ‘Death A.D.’ would have felt wrong. Someday Vince and I will fall out, at which point one of us will launch MetalSucks A.D. If it’s me, I plan to call the site MetalSucks B.C.A.D. just to be as annoying as possible.

The latest outfit to hop on the A.D. bandwagon is Carnivore, who will make a go of it without the late, great Peter Steele. From a press release:

“After an electrifying live performance of Carnivore material at this year’s Black N Blue Bowl pre-party, guitarist Marc Carnivore is thrilled to announce that the band will officially re-form as Carnivore A.D., with fellow original member Louie Beato and Joe Branciforte (ex-Darkside NYC, ex-Merauder) sharing drumming duties, and introducing Baron Misuraca (ex-Vasaria) on bass, lead vocals and blood curdling screams. Baron’s debut will take place at the band’s recently announced Halloween show, ‘A Halloween SteeleTacular,’ at Bowery Electric (327 Bowery) in New York City on Halloween night (October 31, 2017). “

Marc Carnivore (né Mitieder) adds:

“Last May, I was very fortunate to perform Carnivore music live again for the very first time in over 20 years. The jubilant and humbling reception I received confirmed to me that Peter Steele is gone, but his epic legacy is not forgotten. So this Halloween the two remaining original members of Carnivore, myself and Louie Beato, will open up the next chapter in the band’s ever evolving history. We will introduce the mighty Baron Misuraca, who’s stature and beastly growls have already awakened Peter Steele fans across the globe. A new official line-up of Carnivore will be introduced: ‘Carnivore A.D.’, a Carnivore for the 21st century. Everyone is invited to join us in this celebration, and to mark the 30th anniversary of Carnivore’s final LP, ‘Retaliation.’ I am also very pleased to have the honor of presenting this distinguished performance of Peter and Keith’s music to their own friends and family members here in the greatest city in the world, at New York’s Bowery Electric club. The ‘Carnivorous Negative family scene’ is finally whole once again, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Uhh… okay. I appreciate paying tribute to Steele, who left us far too soon. But given that the dude literally wrote the music and lyrics for each and every Carnivore song, I don’t know how the band can continue without him. Baron Misuraca is gonna hafta stuff Steel’s shoes with layers upon layers of padding if he plans to fill them. He might as well try to convince Christians to start worshipping him instead of Jesus.

I suppose Carnivore A.D.’s success, then, will come down to a) fans’ willingness to basically go see a Carnivore cover band, and b) whether or not the group plans to record any new material. If nothing else, the project will be the latest to make Pantera’s surviving members look cool for leaving it the heck alone.

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