Whores Fan Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Fix Christian Lembach’s Knee


Musicians often have to make serious sacrifices to get where they want to be in their career, and all too often those sacrifices include healthcare. Now Whores, one of this site’s favorite artists, are feeling the tremendous fallout of this fucked up system and need our help.

Here’s the gist of the situation as relayed by Geoff Peveto, a fan of the band who’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the medical costs of frontman/guitarist Christian Lembach:

Christian’s left knee has a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Anterolateral Ligament, which is fancy doctor talk that means he can’t walk and has to have one of his hamstrings removed and used to suture the ligaments together, much less tour and perform at full capacity—let alone without causing further pain and injury.

With great injury comes great expense, and like most musicians and artists Christian doesn’t have medical insurance. When he gave up a traditional career to pursue his dream of leading a hardworking band, he gave up insurance and income security. If you play in a band then you know that without the ability to tour, Christian is unable to earn a living. As you can see in the picture they are playing when he can to make ends meet. However the pain is excruciating and Christian in a chair, while still more energetic than a plethora of bands today, is not 100% Whores.

Already he is looking at medical and physical therapy bills over $40,000.00 to get the much needed surgery that will get him back on the road to recovery and eventually to touring at full speed again.

Please consider chipping in to get this great friend back on his feet and back in the van. He’ll thank you, Taco will thank you, and most importantly, I’ll thank you for being a good person and a patron of the noise rock arts.

Ever the dedicated performer, Christian finished out the band’s last tour playing in a chair, and still managed to crush it even while in excruciating pain. If you’re able to throw a few bucks his way to help him out of this situation, donate here.

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