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Famous Metal Album Covers Recreated with Porgs


iron-porg-porg-of-mindporgthrax-among-the-porgporgtera-vuglar-display-of-porgr porg-sells-but-whos-buying-2porg-destroyer-porgler-in-the-yard

Massive props to our bud Vertebrae33, who came up with the Porg Destroyer concept and logo. He made a really awesome Porg Destroyer shirt with a far better illustration than our own. Buy it here!


This seems like a good time to remind you that we now have FIVE Metal Warz t-shirt designs available, each featuring the name of a character from Star Wars done up in the style of a famous metal band’s logo (and that’s to say nothing of our awesome “Let the Wookie win” shirt). Get ’em here for just ten bucks each!!!

Famous Metal Album Covers Recreated with Porgs

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