Punishing Pictorials

Famous Metal Album Covers Recreated with Porgs


iron-porg-porg-of-mindporgthrax-among-the-porgporgtera-vuglar-display-of-porgr porg-sells-but-whos-buying-2porg-destroyer-porgler-in-the-yard

Massive props to our bud Vertebrae33, who came up with the Porg Destroyer concept and logo. He made a really awesome Porg Destroyer shirt with a far better illustration than our own. Buy it here!


This seems like a good time to remind you that we now have FIVE Metal Warz t-shirt designs available, each featuring the name of a character from Star Wars done up in the style of a famous metal band’s logo (and that’s to say nothing of our awesome “Let the Wookie win” shirt). Get ’em here for just ten bucks each!!!

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