Prophets of Rage #TakeTheKnee for Colin Kaepernick in New Video for “Strength in Numbers”


The way the right has twisted and distorted NFL players taking a knee to raise awareness of racial injustice and police brutality is disgusting. Taking a knee is NOT anti-American or unpatriotic; the freedom of expression is one of the most American and patriotic things a person in this country can do. Insofar as doing it during the national anthem, what better time could there be to raise awareness around an issue that has been ignored for decades (longer!) despite millions of folks screaming about it? Excepting the sideshow that our idiot president created around this controversy, I’d say it’s working, too: the high-profile stage these players have chosen on which to protest has forced the discussion on the public.

Prophets of Rage certainly already know all that but it bears repeating in these turbulent times, so they’ve devoted the music video for their track “Strength in Numbers” to the current NFL #TakeTheKnee brouhaha. The clip features photos of today’s NFL players juxtaposed with videos from throughout American history depicting racial injustice and scenes of swarms of animals banding together to conquer forces much greater than them. On the nose, sure, but we really haven’t got time to mince words when it comes to an issue that disproportionately affects so many people of color in America right this very moment.

The self-titled Prophets of Rage debut album is out now and can be ordered here.

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