This Metal Song Was Written with ZERO Real Instruments


Thankfully we were all spared the apocalypse last week when that 17-string guitar Jared Dines commissioned ended up being a scam.

Unfortunately it wasn’t much of a respite: in a sign that the world will surely end soon — for real this time! just like the Mayans predicted in 2012 — an entire metal song has now been written without a single real instrument.

Using a new pack of guitar samples called The Odin, made by by Solemn Tones, YouTuber and MS contributor Andrew Baena wrote a full song using that pack and an assortment of other audio plugins (drum programming software and the like). The result sounds pretty damn good, and it’s sure to spark a firestorm of comments about how music these days just ain’t what it used to be / old man yells at cloud or whatever.

Check it out below, then fire away in the comments.

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