Exclusive Premiere: VHS Fill Your Pillowcase With “Halloween Treats”


Let me see if I can do this. Ahrm. One second…okay, here we go:

Hello, boys and ghouls, it’s me, your old pal Count Zombus, coming to you from MetalSucks Manor! As I’m sure you know, Halloween is just a few scant hours away, and we’re positively oozing with seasonal spirit! And what better way to ring in the high follydays with a positively putrid new offering from Canadian creepers VHS!

This time, our favorite numbskulls to the North have honored our All Hallow-ed halls with a hexclusive premiere that will have you headbanging so hard your eyeballs will pop out of your skull! It’s a mid-paced lurcher made by guitarist/vocalist Mike Hochins and programmed by Patrick Bruss of Crypticus. It’s full of all the scares, sweets, and riffs that go bump in the fright! I think it’ll have you utterly unhinged with Halloween horror! Turn out the lights, lock your doors, and unwrap VHS’s…”HALLOWEEN TREATS!” MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

There we go. I think I nailed it.

Check out VHS’ new track below. Their new album, The New Batch, is coming out soon, and they have splits with Ruin and Lord Rot along the way. Keep up with them on their Bandcamp.

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