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Leviathan Announces Demo Collection The First Sublevel of Suicide


If you love Leviathan’s 2003 debut, The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide — and who doesn’t? — you’ll likely be pleased to learn that less than two weeks from today, the project will release The First Sublevel of Suicide, a forty-minute-long collection of demos for five tracks from Tenth Sub Level: “Scenic Solitude and Leprosy,” “The Bitter Emblem of Dissolve,” “He Whom the Shadows Move Towards,” “Mine Molten Armor,” and “The Idiot Sun.”


Wrest made the demos on a four-track analog recorder, and while we have yet to hear any of ’em, a press release promises “The lo-fi demos only add a darker and more sinister atmosphere” to the music.

Says Wrest of the wrelease:

“V tracks mixed directly from the withered cassette tapes from a failing analog IV trakk cassette recording device… the initial conjurings of where the entity,The Xth Sub-Level of Suicide’s spirit lies…”

Wow. Good to know the dude exclusively uses Roman numerals. Few of us will ever be so tr00 kvlt.

The First Sublevel of Suicide comes out December 1 on Ascension Monuments Media. Pre-order it here, then head to the comments section with your theories as to why the 2003 release is Sub Level while the 2017 release is Sublevel.

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