Tribulation Debut New Song “Lady Death”


Kelsey recently asserted that “what Tribulation do best [is] make black metal sexy,” and if you disagree with that statement, you need to listen to the Swedes’ new single, “Lady Death.” It’s black metal’s answer to a slinky black dress on a woman you just know is gonna be trouble*: a shit-on-your-shoe catchy proto-metal song (swap in some Papa Emeritus vocals, and it could be on the next Ghost record) with Satanic vocals, throbbing bass, and a gnarly guitar solo that almost sounds like a gnarly keytar solo (I’m assume that’s a flanger pedal, but I reserve the right to be wrong). I’m not exaggerating: I’ve had it on repeat for almost half-an-hour now, and it’s still giving me a husband bulge.

Check out “Lady Death” for yourself below and see if I’m wrong. The track will appear on Tribulation’s new album, Down Below, which comes out on January 26th via Century Media; pre-order here.

*I apologize for approaching this metaphor from the point of a view of a white hetero cis male. In my defense, I am a white hetero cis male.

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