MouthBreather’s Pig Is the Soundtrack to Your Seizure


MouthBreather describe their music as “experimental hardcore,” which is really just a way of saying that their music could arguably classified as three different types of core — hard, grind, and math. On their seven-minute, seven-song EP, Pig, the Boston trio detonate a series of spasmodic, stuttering riffs bathed in hunting knife jabs of calculated distortion. They are just as deft at composing massive elephants marching riffs (“Born Dead,” “Intrigant”) as they are at emulating the anxiety that comes with stick of dynamite’s speedily-burning fuse (“Sex Coward”). At least one song, “Prometheus,” seems specifically designed to induce permanent brain damage.

In other words, Pig is an all-around winner. If I have any complaints about it — other than the brevity of its running time — it’s that the band never quite manages to top the opening track, “Tourniquet.” I think a lot of this has to do with the downright Bucketheadian nature of the leads on this track; they initially sound like an old radio in search of a signal, and then morph into a cascade of sci-fi ray gun shredding. I’m not sure why they chose to forego any such theatrics on the rest of the EP, but it definitely could have made the jams just that much more interesting.

Regardless, this is some great shit, and I implore you to check it out. If these fellas ever manage to book some studio time with Kurt Ballou, it’s gonna be all over but for the counting, know what I’m saying?

Listen to Pig below, then buy it here for as little as £1 ($1.38)!!!

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