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Albums That Will #[email protected]&%*! Your Face Off in 2018: Vile Creature, Cast of Static and Smoke


It’s a new year, and you know what that means — it’s time for MetalSucks’ eighth annual new year preview, Albums That Will #[email protected]&%*! Your Face Off! As with previous years, we won’t be spotlighting all the great releases coming out this year, but, rather, concentrating on lesser-known bands whose new releases might otherwise escape your attention. Look for these posts by assorted MetalSucks staffers throughout the week. We hope you enjoy ‘em!


Vile Creature
Cast of Static and Smoke (Halo of Flies/Dry Cough)
March 7

Canadian duo and connoisseurs of the bleak Vile Creature are back in 2018 with a masterfully filthy LP Cast of Static and Smoke, their first full-length in three years. The self-described arbiters of the Angry Gloom Queer Cult had already etched a place in my heart, but with time their power and skill has grown and blossomed into a gorgeous corpse flower of doom.

After exploring themes of growing up queer before it was cool and escapism through art and fiction in previous releases, Cast… explores a dystopian post-nuclear future while reaching depths of personal exploration with a sharper bite than ever. The blackened bits are desolate and charred to dust; the guttural screams are agonizing and wretched like newly-singed nerves dangling from a shotgun wound. The rage demonstrated on this album is personal and universal, and it couldn’t come at a better time for many of us fatigued for any number of personal and cultural reasons.

For the nerds who love to explore backstories and minutiae, Cast… will come with a 16-page booklet designed and illustrated by the very talented Stephen Wilson, featuring lyrics, credits, and the full story behind the album.

With the first track streaming below (courtesy of Invisible Oranges) and an eastern U.S. and Canada tour coming up, 2018 is shaping up to be a busy and successful year for Vile Creature. Check out the poster below for dates near you, and preorder your copy of Cast of Static and Smoke on their Bancamp page or here. You can keep up with Vile Creature on Facebook and Twitter.


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