Monster Magnet Fuck Minds with New Song “Mindfucker”



Wanna feel like you took some LSD and are now trapped in a kaleidoscope? Look not further than “Mindfucker,” the title track from Monster Magnet’s new album. The title promises a trippy, hallucinogenic experience, and it delivers. It’s the kind of song that will magically turn your skinny jeans into bellbottoms. It almost sounds like KISS if Gene Simmons’ voice didn’t make you vomit all over your shoes. It’s hard to believe that Dave Wyndorf is in his sixties now. He must have access to Iron Maiden’s fountain of youth.

Get your trip on with “Mindfucker” the song below, courtesy of Brooklyn VeganMindfucker the album comes out March 23 on Napalm. Pre-order it here.

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