My Manifesto to You: Listen to Harakiri for the Sky’s “Manifesto”


Damn that sneaky Jeff Treppel! Dude slyly stole my pick for his “Albums That Will Fuck Your Face Off in 2018” entry, Harakiri for the Sky’s indubitably excellent Arson. But hey, more good press is good press, right? And here I am writing about the band anyway — again — so everyone wins.

While Mr. Treppel interpreted the band’s sonic base as stemming from a certain kind of black metal (think Agalloch), I had a different line of thinking: I hear black metal in the vocals, sure, but in the music I hear a whole lot more doomy death metal (Insomnium, Swallow the Sun, etc.) than anything else. I hear some early Agalloch too, no doubt. But that’s the beauty of music, right? Every listener can hear something completely different and interpret it however they like.

This much is clear: both Jeff and I are going to be rocking out to Arson EXTREMELY hard all year long, because fuck… well, just press play on the band’s latest single “Manifesto” below and you’ll instantly get it. The album comes out on February 16th and can be pre-ordered here.

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