Nergal from Behemoth Heard the New Tool Record and Here Is What He Thinks

  • Axl Rosenberg

Today in news about an album that may or may not ever actually come out: Nergal, like Tom Morello, has now heard at least part of the new Tool album.

The blessed event took place when the Behemoth frontman, along with fellow musicians Morgan Ågren (Mats/Morgan Band, Kaipa) and Paul De Maio (Entertain the Beast), were invited to watch Tool rehearse in their studio. Revealed Ågren:

“Amazing day… got invited to see TOOL rehearse in their studio. Sat on a chair just a few feet in front of Danny’s drums, with Adam Jones on my right and Justin Chancellor on my left. Just before they started to rehearse, Andy turns over to me and says ‘you have to imagine what this will sound like with vocals later’ and then they were off, and it sounded so great!! Hypnotic stuff!! They played 5-6 songs from their upcoming album that the whole TOOL community have been waiting for a long time now. Big honor to be invited there at all. Supernice guys as well. After this we went to see Meshuggah in Hollywood, who did an amazing concert, totally ripping. And the same morning before all this, we passed by Steve Vai’s studio to give him some Ehrlund microphones to try out. What a day… Back to Sweden now. Thank you universe”

Adds Mr. Nergal himself:

“I was privileged to witness @toolbandfanpage rehaersing today… lucky me u’ll say hm????? Well, yes, lucky me. It was splendid experience to see this visionary band perform in the same room. THANK U Justin for invitation… it was pretty fuckin’ inspiriting and unworldly!!!????????????”

The new Tool album will allegedly be out this year, although, also allegedy, not before the fall.


[via The PRP]

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