Abigor, Bloodmoon and the Best, Most-Overlooked Metal of January


Well, here we are and January is already somehow over. There were some great releases this month, including whoppers from Tribulation, Corrosion of Conformity, and Portal. This month also saw releases from controversial acts Watain, Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals, and Shining, which would normally be fantastic news if these guys weren’t suspect as fuck; however, I am not thoroughly convinced that Anselmo is anything more than a drunken redneck making terrible PR decisions. His latest solo album with the Illegals, Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue, is fantastic if you are one of those people that separates art from the artist.

Here are four fantastic albums that seemed to have been overlooked during the month of January:

Abigor – Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) [Avantgarde Music]


There aren’t too many black metal veterans kicking around today that still maintain the same intensity and ugliness of their earlier days quite like Austria’s Abigor. Now on their tenth studio album, the band could really give a shit less. Höllenzwang saw a surprise release with zero promotion, and there is a reason for this: it doesn’t need it. Originating in the 1990s, Abigor put Austrian black metal on the map and has not put down the gauntlet since. The new album is 35 minutes worth of sheering blackness that encompasses all previous albums in its forward thinking and intensity. Höllenzwang is bound to make a few year-end lists in 2018.

Seremoni – Unter den Birken (self-released)

a3152434070_10Hidden deep within the forests of Thuringia, Germany, two-man black metal project Seremoni has been reactivated and is looking to release new music in 2018. The group is fronted by vocalist I.K, whom is most notable for his work in Nachtmystium and as a live member of Sun of the Sleepless. Seremoni re-released its original demo, 2010’s Gedanken-Zeremonie, for the first time in high quality through Heimat Musik earlier this month, and it is not to be slept on. The band, which dabbles in as much mysticism as black metal, also launched the first single in eight years with “Under den Birken.” Taking more of a post-black metal approach, the single is a bleak vision of the modern take of black metal and gives a general idea of what is to come. Be prepared.

Apophys – Devoratis (Ultimate Massacre Productions)


Dutch technical death supergroup Apophys, which features members of God Dethroned among others, is back with its second full-length release Devoratis. A concept album based from a science fiction story written by vocalist Kevin Quilligan, the album is “the story of an unlikely union of two forces against an intergalactic race led by a zealous leader,” set behind spiraling death metal, guttural belches and technical precision. Devoratis isn’t perfect, as some of the tracks simply could have been trashed, but overall it is a phenomenal effort that is worth checking out.

Bloodmoon – Supervoid Trinity (Independent)


West Coast doom trio Bloodmoon are self-proclaimed “grey metal.” Ripe with post-black tremolo, blast beats and harrowing doom akin to Bereft, the Californian doomsters are seriously deserving of attention. The band’s sophomore effort, Supervoid Trinity, dropped yesterday, and has agony and misanthropy laced on each 10+ minute track. Bloodmoon has toured with the likes of North, Serial Hawk and Fister, and have opened for some pretty big bands locally around San Luis Obispo, so hopefully we see these guys more in the future. But for now, gaze into the void with Supervoid Trinity.

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