Corey Taylor is Writing Lyrics for Slipknot’s Next Album


Hey there, Suckalos! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty groovy. I went to a bachelor party where large quantities of booze, drugs and meat were consumed, simulated war games for man-babies were played in the form of paintball and music was made in a jam room seemingly custom-built for the occasion. Then I witnessed a sad, old man ask an Asian American woman “Were you even born here?” when she kindly requested he turn down the music on his phone at a Starbucks and I nearly came to blows with the guy. So, ya know, I was busy living life!

While all that was happening, the metalnets lost its collective shit over the fact that Corey Taylor put up an Instagram post indicating he’s writing lyrics for Slipknot’s next album, which recent statements by various band members indicate will be recorded this year and released in 2019. Seeing as the music for “seven or eight” new songs had been completed as of early November last year, the timing sounds about right.

Here’s what else we know: the working title of one song is called “Birth of ____” (obscured by Taylor’s pen) and contains the word “develop” in its lyrics. Huge news!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hangover to nurse, paintball flesh welts to attend to and social justice to fight. I wonder what Corey Taylor would think?

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