Howard Jones On Dee Snider Solo Album Collaboration: “Just wait till you hear this album. That man sounds stellar.”


The hype for Dee Snider’s new collaborative album keeps getting crazier. The record is being produced by Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, and will feature appearances from Howard Jones (Light the Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage), Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust), Mark Morton (Lamb of God), and others.

We spoke with Jones about his chance to check this incredible opportunity off of his bucket list on a recent episode of The MetalSucks podcast:

“I got to work with Dee Snider on his new album – which I think is gonna surprise people. It’s really good. It’s a lot of fun, Dee sounds awesome. I got to write a little bit with that, and sing with Dee on the songs, so hey man, I can’t complain.”

I saw him on farewell with Twisted Sister, and his voice is still top notch. A lot of the guys from that time-

“As I said, I am so interrupting you and I don’t even care. I’m telling you, just wait till you hear this album. That man sounds stellar.”

Oh, I’m excited, man. I’m excited. And I want that for Dee, cause the majority of the early Twisted Sister stuff is so underrated. They are so ahead of their game on the early stuff. I was growing up at the time, but I remember when I first got my hands on all that those records. When I revisited them, before I saw them live, I was like, “Wow.” This stuff holds up fantastic.

“Yeah, it’s just good songwriting. And that’s why this is kind of bucket list for me. You forget what he was dressed like, and everything else.. Which is great, when you’re a kid, you see all that, it’s shocking, it’s fantastic. But the thing is, you look back at it,and solid songwriting, that’s the core. And I think the man’s just a talent. Wow. Looks great, sounds great, and it’s awesome. It’s just a metal album, man. [laughs] It’s really good.”

Dude, I’m super excited. I think a lot of people are. When I know someone’s got a talent, like Dee’s voice, and then I hear someone like Jasta’s producing the record, I immediately am like: this could either go way above my expectations, or just be simply awesome. So that’s the thing – it’s not going to be bad. No way, right? It can’t be.

“Oh, no. It is so good. I love it, I absolutely love it. And it’s so much fun, it really is. You’ll see.”

Well shit, if Howard Jones says it’s gonna be great, I’m inclined to believe him. When this project was first announced, I was skeptical. But now it seems like this record could actually be a big deal. When a timeless rockstar like Dee Snider is working alongside these absurdly talented, established metal musicians, some black magic is bound to happen.

You can listen to the clip below on episode #226 of The MetalSucks Podcast at the 46:30 mark:

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