Video: Phil Labonte Shows Off His Favorite Guns (Including Two Assault Rifles)


At a time when children are being routinely gunned down at their schools, millions of Americans took to the streets yesterday in 846 different cities for the March For Our Lives in support of stronger gun control legislation. Meanwhile, outspoken gun and auto-tune advocate Phil Labonte took the opportunity to publish a YouTube video in which he highlights his favorite guns. Or, in his words, “The guns I think you ‘need’.”

Phil’s personal collection of firearms (or at the least the ones he shows off here) includes two AR-15s, and this video contains the following phrase: “An AR-15 is probably the best all-around rifle.”

“This would be a gun you use for vermin control,” he states about one of them. Because rifles designed for military use are an absolutely crucial tool in the hard-fought battle against oppressive porcupines, and the necessity of blowing a hedgehog’s brains out with a .22 is clearly worth the tradeoff of allowing these weapons into the hands of folks who willfully mass murder other humans.

‘Murica, man! Don’t take muh guhnz away! Second amendment yarrrr!!! Liberty!!

[via Blabbermouth]

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